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A tale of yearning and exuberance.

When successful photographer, Nick Nyles, reaches a turning point in his life, he is compelled to confront his tumultuous relationship with his best friend, Avie Moore. 

Avie is a bewitching free spirit who bursts into his safe, average life one day and changes the way he sees the world. Fascinated by her exuberance and extraordinary love of life, Nick falls into an all-consuming friendship that both endangers and exhilarates him.     


While Nick struggles to remain grounded, Avie is charged with a relentless craving to live life to the brink. Avie’s distain for conformity and zest for life makes Nick question everything he believed.

Now, realizing he must find a way to think of Avie no more or sacrifice his own happiness, Nick takes us through his whirlwind past with Avie; from the manicured lawns of a conservative prep school with its kinky headmaster, through the wharves of Nantucket and their brush with death and murder, their dalliance with Parisian free-thinkers and a final tragic climax in the Mayan ruins of Mexico. 

 If you’ve ever been torn between the desire to live more intensely and the obligation to be responsible, this lyrical coming-of-age tale will keep you engaged. 

Avie No More is my debut novel.  If you love it, spread the word!

Available in paperback from Amazon.com, or as an eBook on Kindle, Apple iBook, Nook, Smashwords.com. and most others.  See links below.  Preview a sample from Kindle below.


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