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I suppose it was only natural that I would become a writer someday.  I credit my New Jersey prep school English teachers for exposing me to great works of fiction at a early age. I pursued my love of great literature into college, majoring in English and French Lit  (and Economics, just in case). I still have many of my tattered paperbooks from those days – well marked with multicolored notes and spines broken from overuse.


Words matter. They can awaken emotions and elevate a scene to a thing of beauty. They can make us care more for a character than for our real friends or make us despise the character more than our worst enemy. 

Certainly, a novel can make us furiously turn the page to see what happens next, it can keep us up all night wanting, needing, to know how it turns out. 

But a novel that engages you with its beauty, poetry and the power of its prose, that makes you want to be a better person, or from which you walk away changed in some way, those are the books you’ll remember for years. Really good books are what make reading so fulfilling and addicting. 

Re-reading The Great Gatsby  gives me chills to this day .

A career beckons

Trying to merge a practical side with my creative side, I picked up an MBA, specializing in marketing and advertising – basically creating literature for commercial use. 

Thus followed a career in international marketing, marriage, and moves from Arizona to Seattle, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Orange County, California. 

During breaks in my career, I started writing my novel, finally finishing it after settling in the Seattle area . Now, I've thrown aside any thoughts of  working and am delving straight into the next chapter of my life - pledging myself to writing full-time and playing with my husband, Tom, and our cat.

Book love

Book love